10 days left!!!


Its hard work setting up a kickstarter campaign, not only the work behind crunching the numbers and evaluating your business and time, it is also emotionally exhaustive. Separating the person from the business can be incredibly difficult. Not taking things personally is something that I have been working on for years, and being a small business owner definitely makes you face that head on. We have 10 days left to raise $4,000 and that is so scary. I redid my project video and set out clear and concise reasons why you should support Sally Forth Supply Co. I hope if you don't have the ability to financially support this kickstarter that you can at least share it, tell your friends about it, go to my fb (the name change is slowly happening) or provide reviews here on my store about the items you have purchased or have been given. This kickstarter can elevate my business to the next level and your help is greatly needed. If you have any questions please ask, I am a one woman show, not a big corporation and I will be the one responding!


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