dapper lawn partyrad female in a necktie

Here at Sally Forth Supply Co. we feel like adults take themselves far to seriously. Sure, life is full of serious moments and serious topics and serious relationships, but, does your toiletries need to be in a boring ol' bag? Do you really need to wear a silk tie just because it came in a package with the shirt? You can wear color and still be taken seriously, maybe you will even garner more relationships with people by looking more approachable? Hey, it could happen. Anyway I digress, my ties are cool, hip, small batch and well made. We started off as a Skinny! size and we love the size we made. 2.25 inches wide 62 inches long (we aren't exaggerating).  I am also proud to debut a new necktie size called the Jack! The reasons why and the history behind it will be released along with the tie.....just breathe....its coming.