All about Sally Forth's Mastermind

Kellie Ketron of Dapper Geek

   When I created Dapper Geek (2013) and is now known as Sally Forth Supply Co. I intentionally created a business that doesn't cater to gender, it caters to people. And everyone is different so why wouldn't my products be? Everything I make is one of a kind and small batch unless someone needs multiples of the same. In 2018 the name and brand was changed and relaunched to Sally Forth Supply Co. 
  One evening I was in need of a bow tie for a special event and decided to design and make her own. Out of pure insanity--and a love for autonomy- I continue to design and create handmade bags, wallets, aprons, ties and other accessories including a handmade all natural fabric wax that are available in retail stores nationwide. For the full story behind the birth of Dapper Geek and then transition to Sally Forth Supply Co, visit my blog.