Aprons ordered now may not make it in time for the holidays.
Aprons ordered now may not make it in time for the holidays.
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A little bit about me!


Woman in colorful Hawaiian shirt, green hat and black tshirt that says, "so many ways ti be human" looks surprised by a stuffed monster in her pocket

Sally Forth Supply Co was actually born as Dapper Geek in 2013 (you can find the more intimate story of why and how I founded Dapper Geek after being assaulted on another blog post) but got a name change and a face lift in 2017! Then name may have changed but the philosophy stayed the same. Create handmade, rough and tumble gear as unique and diverse as the folxs who use them! When I started making I made what I wanted and what I couldn't find. Apparently being an adult means that most of your travel bags, toiletry bags, wallets, aprons and general accessories needed to be boring black or brown, leather or pvc, but why ?! So I decided I wasn't going to conform to that nonsense and made what I liked and it turned out that people liked it too!
Everything is handmade in my studio in Frederick, MD with my trusty shop dog Doc Holliday. All designs are my own, most have been made because of something I needed, something a friend needed, something I made to make a friend more efficient (chapstick wallet, good story). I focus on small batch, limited quantity releases and focus on a non-binary approach to fashion and accessories. 


Fedex 2016 small business finalist badge