Big Changes For Dapper Geek!!

Big Changes For Dapper Geek!!

Dear loyal geeks,

I started this company 4.5 years ago in a tiny studio in East Nashville. Since then my business, product line and mission statement have grown and changed. This business was born out of a creative necessity to help me heal from a bad assault in 2013. As I learned and developed my first line of bowties and neckties I was a very buttoned up, high strung individual who put on my glasses and hid behind art and design while I healed. I applied to 2 out of state Renegade craft Fairs in Oregon and Washington state and was accepted! I finally had a chance to part ways with the city I used to love than now felt like a bad dream.  In order to do this adventure I quit my day job, moved in with my folks in MD for 2 months and sewed my ass off. Then I made a timeline, purchased and Atlas, yes a real map, not the unreliable digital ones. Then I packed up the car and my dogs and prepared to be gone for 2 months. During this adventure I learned a lot about myself, conquered my fear of the dark, stood up to predators (animal) and lived off the grid.  It was tough, exhausting, scary, lonely and yet the best thing to heal my battered body and soul. The hardest part of the journey you ask? Being in public and seeing everyone buried in their cellphones.  Most of the trip I was not in phone service areas which was hard at first, but then became soothing. No dings, buzzes, battery to charge...I was only on alert when I knew I was in phone range, even then it would catch me off guard. When I got back to MD after the trip I was exhausted and looking for the next chapter of my life.  Unfortunately the universe had another plan for me.  I was selling at my biggest show to date called American Field in DC, it was glorious. By the end of the weekend I could hardly walk, by the end of the month I had tremors, speech problems, pain all over my body, memory issues, couldn't hold anything...etc etc etc. Let's just say that life as I knew it was over and we didn't know why. Fast forward to over a year later, even more symptoms, even more pain and a few more answers and waiting on more to come.

 You are probably wondering why I am telling you all this and wanting me to get to what the BIG CHANGES ARE!!!

 So, this has changed my life for the better and the worst.  I feel like I am a much better person now than I have ever been. I am more relaxed, I pay attention to the real problems and less on the bullshit.  I have gone through and continue to traverse the new path I am on and even though its been scary, relearning how to be an adult has been wonderful. That being said, I am no longer the same person that I named my company for in 2013.  I'm not the Dapper Geek, I am not this buttoned up person hiding behind horn rimmed glasses anymore.  As I have grown so has my vision for the path of Dapper Geek.  I don't want to hide behind a mustache and clever moniker anymore, I feel like the time has come for the company and myself morph into a brand that has a better longevity and a clearer representation of myself.  Now, here comes the fun part, there is a load of new branding being brought into the new company and myself and a designer are working hard on making something really special. 

  February 2018 I will launch a kickstarted campaign to help facilitate the change, grow the business and be able to produce more items for you to have.  There will be more info in the coming months along with what we will have to offer for different tiers of contributions, how much we need and where it will be going. As of 2013 Dapper Geek has been 100% solely funded by my own pocket and in order to grow and get to a place where we are known more than we are now it will take money.  Hopefully you will all stand behind me and welcome the new brand  Sally Forth Supply Company to your lives with as much enthusiasm as you did for Dapper Geek! And don't worry, the Dapper Geek logo will still be around, but, it will now be the logo for our subscription tie packages!! Cool right?!?! So, stay tuned, keep your eyes on an email I am sending out with more info, if I don't have your email of you aren't on the list be sure to sign up to stay informed! still reading this?! Thanks!! So, once Sallyforth Supply Co.  has its finalized logo the transition will begin and our website will be forwarded to the the new  website, as will all social media. Thanks so much for reading all of this!

- Kellie


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Sounds like you trip was a blessi ng. Put me on your list.

Pam Patrin

So proud of you Kellie….what a journey you’ve been on! Put me on your once a month e-mail please! You are blessed with just an amazing mom & you my dear are in my prayers!! <3

Barb Egger

Cool stuff! Good luck and enjoy the continuation of your journey.

Lynn Habicht

Congratulations Kellie!!!
Knock it out of the park!

Nancy Harter

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