Settling into the studio space in my tiny house on wheels.

In the process of making all of the rewards! Also heartfelt confessions and tiny living....

Pictures below! Just read a few key points if needed and scroll down to the bottom if need be :)

So, after I started my Kickstarter I found out that I needed to find a new place to live. For those of you who are new or don't follow me on Instagram, which you should @sallyforthsupplyco about 2 years ago I came to Frederick, MD from living in Nashville, TN for 15yrs. to hang with my folks for awhile and then figure out where I wanted to relocate. Well, the universe had other plans for me and I became very ill. So ill that I had to live with my folks because some days I couldn't hold a utensil to feed myself, drive, walk around, or do much due to tremors or the 45lbs of edema in my left leg. Now, they still don't know exactly what it all is, I have a blank autoimmune diagnosis, but, still have daily pain, fatigue, speech and memory problems and have had a fever for almost a year. I see all of my specialists and hope that as we mark off what its not, we will find more about what it is.

Anyway back to the story...

My mom decided to follow her calling and attend seminary and she and her husband decided to move into married student housing, leaving me with finding a living solution that would accommodate my new normal and give me the freedom to move around and do shows. The option I decided on was to buy a tiny travel trailer and move myself, my sewing studio and my two pups into one.  Well, I found one, I had a short timeline to renovate and move in and unfortunately she needed a lot more work than I anticipated. The entire bathroom down to the skin needed to be removed and put back together because of multiple leaks and rot. So, as the Kickstarter was running I was learning all about travel trailer renovations, plumbing, how to put a new roof on etc and so forth. Then I had to figure out how to maximize the space and fit all of my supplies and living space into my 30 year old 7x17ft new tiny house on wheels. 

The Kickstarter ended and I knew I needed to be done with the majority of the work before then, that way I could change my focus. Luckily the fabrics and items I outsourced needed about 2 weeks to arrive to my little house, so I got a little more time. Well, I moved fully into my little house and moved out to a state park to be a camp host. The boys and I work in downtown Frederick at the Muse part time and greet folks and sew the rest of the time! I wish my renovation story ended here...the day I pulled my house into the park the water line broke, soaking my new vinyl plank flooring and allowing adhesive to bubble up and cause a lot of stickiness for about a week.  The hot water heater was bad, my fridge wouldn't turn on and my propane lines had a leak. I was so focused on the main parts like being safe from mold and having a structure that wouldn't fall over, I had forgotten to check on those things. Well, I still haven't fixed any of those things yet,and the exterior is planned and I am excited about it. However  cutting fabrics and getting ready to make everything takes the precedence for me. This weekend I will install my new hot water heater that runs on electricity and propane, that way I can wait to fix the propane problem later, and I can't wait to be able to use use my new shower! 

That's the update for now, I didn't mention the cold and snow issues, but I can talk about that later :) Even though its a pain in the butt, I think that having to get used to the new Kellie brain function and health issues, it has made me understand how I work now. I have said since the first months of being sick that this is one of the best things to have happened to me in a sense. I have become more patient and understanding, even with my tremors, speech and memory issues I have learned to be more patient with myself. I was always my own biggest critic and enemy and now nine times out of ten I remind myself of the good things about myself and not harp on mistakes made. You learn a lot about yourself when you become a grown up toddler after 34 yrs of living. Its humbling, scary, intimidating, frustrating, infuriating (at times) and also hilarious. 

I think I will document my entire reno of "Dolly," that's what I am going to call her, I think:) The reason is of course Dolly Parton, but, I can say things like; "hellooo Dolly!" and "she works 9 to 5 ;)" But Dolly, even with her flaws is fantastic and having my own space for the first time in 2 years is even better. You'd think I would be overwhelmed and frustrated and I will admit, the first day and night of living in her I cried uncontrollably. However, I have had connected with new friends and learned how to do so many skills and know exactly how she works and will be able to tackle any problem because I will know whats what. I also think that Sally Forth may one day expand to flipping some old trailers (meow). 

As, I learn how to cut fabric in the wind again (reminiscent of the 12 days I camped at the Grand Canyon on my way to the Renegade Craft Festivals in Portland and Seattle) and how to get work done in a small space I smile the whole time. I made this company, I made these designs, I made these items, I made this house! I am surrounded by the things I can do even with the new disabilities and I know I can kick ass and make so many things and travel to so many places in my new tiny house on wheels.

So, back to the title, that had nothing to do with the rest of this post, I'm not a writer by any means. At least I have good taste and make kick ass accessories :) I have started the making process!!! All of the stickers, t-shirts and enamel pins are being bagged and tagged and will ship next week and everything I am making will be shipped as its made. I hope you all feel the love in everything I make for you,  I love what I do, I love where I live and I love all of you for sticking in there with me and being in this wild journey!

ps. The outside is still untouched, besides a new roof and loads of caulk. I also haven't taken many post interior reno pictures because it is only now starting to not look like a hoarders nest.


Here are a few pictures..

Love at first sightbefore couch/bedbefore dinettebefore bathroom.....really checking out the damagetaking out the shower and wallsnew flooringnew roof!!taking out the damaged and rotted stuffnew shower stall with cedar boards that I got for hardly any money!new sink, floor, custom vanity to make the space as big as possible and wallpaperputting in my beautiful new floors...floor down!building my custom fit bed/couchafter paint and wallpapering in progresspainted, wallpapered and furniture made for this partmaking the studio reusing items I already hadthe boys enjoying the new placeSettling into the new space



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