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Hand Waxed Canvas Apron

Hand Waxed Canvas Apron

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MILL is a hand waxed (by my own handmade wax) and designed to be both useful and functional - for a utilitarian look. Made with my barber, stylist, woodworking, baking, tattooer and printmaker friends in mind.  The wax keeps this apron both stain and water resistant while protecting the wearer! Did I mention you can even machine wash it on cold! Whether you're indoor or outdoor, why not be both practical and attractive? These are made to order and take 2-5 weeks depending on what you order.




30" L x 25" W
One Size

Neck Strap

Waist Straps

74" in total length
Made With: Care Instructions:
Waxed Canvas Machine Wash Cold
Line Dry


 Waxed Canvas Apron Care Instructions


Please allow 3-5 weeks for custom orders.**send us an email to talk about specifics

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